“Denise helped me focus on three priority areas in personal development that I wanted to improve. With her expert guidance and tools, I was able to set clear, achievable goals and build them into successful habits that increased my self-esteem and effectivemness in the workplace and at home. She has been a reliable, friendly and compassionate coach to me for over a year. I would recommend her highly to adults dealing with ADD and ADHD issues.”

- JD

“Denise Gallagher is an excellent resource for those seeking a professional coach. I worked with Denise for over a year to clarify, prioritize and work toward personal goals. Denise was particularly helpful in helping me stay focused and holding me accountable for steps we agreed upon to help me achieve personal goals. More importantly, she helped me to see my strengths when I often was overwhelmed with what appeared to be my challenges. I recommend her very highly.”

- BC

“Denise has helped me to set priorities based on my values and find effective strategies for completing tasks. When I have become distracted and discouraged, she has helped me to step back and gain perspective on my concerns. From there we have worked together to set some short-term goals that are realistic and manageable. Her positive and thoughtful approach have made a big difference in my life!”

- KM

“Denise Gallagher worked with me to develop a successful system of time management to set and achieve micro-goals. First, Denise listened to my long-term life goals: 1 – Change positions in my workplace, 2 – Finish a graduate program. Both goals seemed overwhelming at first, but I adapted a system of setting small manageable goals and “checking-in” with Denise weekly. Denise provided a sense of accountability that I needed. She was impartial and encouraging. Soon those large insurmountable life changes/accomplishments were manageable. I was able to meet both personal goals through long-term coaching from Denise Gallagher. If Denise was my coach then, we truly operated as a team.”

Thank you, Denise.

- DN

“I signed on with Denise for basic help organizing my work, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. She gently and carefully teased out the issues I was having and continually gave me resources until we found things that worked for me. Persistent and patient, Denise has helped me in ways I never would have expected.”

- KJ

“Denise has been enormously helpful working with me to realize my potential. She has encouraged me to look at every “win” and embrace it. My self-confidence has increased threefold which is having such a positive effect on my life.”

Thank you Denise.

- TF

*For the respect and privacy of clients, full names are not disclosed.