Attention Makes All the Difference

What you focus on expands.  That’s right.  Whatever you focus your attention on expands.  If you have a never-ending stream of thoughts about what you perceive to be your failures and short-comings, more failure will come your way.  If you think more about your successes, expanding them in your mind, you will create more successes in your life.


One of the things I do toward the beginning of every coaching call is to ask clients to tell me about the “wins” they have had during the week.  No one can say they haven’t had any “wins” during the week because we all have some “wins” every day, even if they seem small.


If you are an adult with ADD who often arrives late to appointments because you don’t allow yourself enough travel time, refocus your attention on the times that you do manage to arrive on time.  Dwell on these times, even if they seem to be few.  You will find yourself arriving at appointments more and more on time.  If you feel trapped in an endless cycle of procrastination, notice and celebrate the areas of your life where you are moving forward.  You will soon find yourself moving forward on things you used to “put off.”  Instead of talking about the things you didn’t get done, make a list of the things you did get done and talk about these.  What do you think will happen?


Intangible things count as “wins.”  In the long run, they may be more important than tangible things.  For example, if you are a teacher or a parent and you have a positive interaction with your student or child, count it as a “win.”  You’ll never know how this may affect that person years from now.  When you encourage another person and that person benefits from the encouragement, you have another “win.”  If you eat something health, exercise, or care for your body, mind, or spirit in some way, these are “wins.”  Dwell on them and set the stage for more good habits.


At the end of the day, when you lay your head down on your pillow, make a mental list of your “wins” for the day.  Let your thoughts linger more on your “wins” than on your perceived failings and you will invariably attract more “wins” into your life.  When you allow yourself to feel good about your “wins,” even the small ones, you will attract more and bigger “wins” more quickly into your life.  As always, don’t take my word for it.  Go out and try it in your laboratory, the world.


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Have a glorious week!