Words Matter So Choose Yours Carefully

What goes around comes around.  What you “send out” in thoughts, feelings, and actions eventually comes back to you.  If these statements are true, and I believe that they are, then the WORDS that you choose to think and speak are powerful.  Thoughts are made up of words, and thoughts influence your feelings, and your actions and the outcomes that you create.  Single words can influence our feelings.  Think of several words (joy, despair, abundance, poverty, healthy, sick, for example).  Think about each word separately for a few seconds.  Notice the feelings that come up when you think about each word.


Someone (a person with expertise in ADD) explained to me yesterday that there is a big difference between saying “I am the problem” and saying “I have a problem.”  I thought about the words in those statements.  The first statement made me feel constricted and stuck.  The second statement made me feel hope that there are solutions that I just need to discover, or that solutions will present themselves to me if I am open to receive them.


In a conversation with a client this morning, I found more evidence of the tremendous power that words have in our lives.  The client began a recent work project with thoughts that contained words like  “I want to do this, but I don’t know how.”  She undoubtedly said these words to herself many times at the beginning of this project.  As she worked on the project, not knowing what the successive steps would be, she discovered that she could figure out what to do next as she went along.  Her new words became “I know I can figure it out as I go along even if I don’t know all the steps in the beginning.”  These new words are supporting her immensely as she contemplates taking on a new project which will have a steep learning curve.


         What words are you using to form the thoughts that influence your feelings and actions that influence the outcomes you create?  Are you choosing words like “My ADD makes it impossible for me to organize myself, to manage my time, and to finish the projects that I start?” or are you  choosing and using words like “I see that others have done what I want to do, and I am in the process of creating what I want to create, and all is well because I am able to learn and figure things out as I go?”  Right now, think of or write down some words that will serve you better with regard to whatever you are trying to accomplish in your life.  If the words make you feel better, or you feel inspired to take an action, you’re on the right path!

Have a happy, healthy, joyful week!