Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Do you have a desire to achieve a certain outcome in your life that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own? It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve: more success in your career or business, improved health, more money, better relationships, new relationships, a life partner, etc. A coach partners with you to bring your vision into reality.

Coaching is NOT therapy. A coach is a partner, whereas a therapist is more of a healer. A therapist may spend time looking at your past and how you got to be the way you are. A coach’s focus is on the present, the future, and on your achievement of the outcomes you desire. Some people opt to work with both a therapist and a coach and this is fine. Therapy can help them deal with pain, anger and hurt from the past, and coaching can help them to achieve the outcomes they desire.


What Does A Coach Do?

Coaches have a variety of tools in their toolboxes. They don’t hand you one-type-fits-all solutions. Instead, they acknowledge that you are a unique individual. They know that the right solutions for YOU lie within YOU, and they work with you to discover these solutions within yourself. A good coach respects the fact that you are the THE expert on you.

A good coach can help you to adopt beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes that support you in achieving the outcomes you want. An effective coach can also assist you in finding ways to feel good wherever you are right now and speed you on the way to achieving your desired outcomes.

A coach can provide you with personal accountability, help you to see things from more than one perspective, and “hold your vision” when you are distracted by the stuff of daily life.

Denise has found that the clients who benefit most from coaching are the ones who are willing to be introspective, who look inside themselves for answers, and who are open to new ideas. They don’t always adopt every new idea, but are curious about new ideas and willing to consider them.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Each client is different. Denise asks that clients commit to a minimum of three months of weekly coaching. Personal change takes time. When you plant a seed, you don’t expect a plant to appear instantly. It takes time for the seed to germinate and grow into a plant. Three months allows time for you to observe changes happening. Of course, many clients elect to continue coaching beyond three months. They decide that they want assistance in achieving other outcomes as well as the ones they originally started with. Some clients do coaching for a period of time, stop, and then return periodically when they want to find clarity around a new situation.

How Do I Find Out Whether Coaching With Denise Is Right For Me?

The best way to find out whether coaching with Denise is right for you is to sign up for a FREE complimentary coaching session. Click HERE to contact Denise about scheduling a session.