stress-womanStruggling with ADD, or just having difficulty reaching the outcomes you desire in your life?

Imagine you being in control of your life instead of life controlling you!

Sound impossible?

It’s not!

I can show you how!

IMAGINE that you:

FOLLOW habits consistently that prevent the buildup of backlogs of things to be done in your life;

ACHIEVE outcomes that seem impossible in far less time than you thought possible;

EXPERIENCE feelings of mastery, achievement, success, and joy every day;

EMBRACE your ADD, if you have it, as an asset rather than regard it as a liability.

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The Good Feeling of Giving Thanks

November 29, 2014 by

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  I know a lot has been written on the subject of gratitude.  Still, it is one of those subjects on which there is always more to be said. Why is feeling and expressing gratitude so important?  Let's just try an experiment.  Grab a piece of paper.  I know most of you


You Get What You Believe

November 22, 2014 by

What is it you've been trying to create in your life?  A loving relationship?  A thinner, healthier body?  A new job or career?  Your own business?  More income?  Or do you simply want to perform at a higher level in all areas of your life? Have you been working hard, perhaps even struggling, to


Making Your Mornings Stress-free

October 25, 2014 by

Morning Madness Tim (not his real name) had to get up at 5:00 a.m. to be ready to leave for work by 7 a.m.  In addition to performing routine tasks like eating breakfast, packing lunch, showering and dressing, he spent a lot of time figuring out what to put in his backpack to take to work.  This